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Terrell Law Office, LLC provides aggressive legal council to trucking accident victims. Our personal injury attorneys — serving Republic and Jefferson City, Missouri — are experienced and well-versed in trucking accident lawsuits and the trucking regulations for Missouri. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you may be entitled to collect financial compensation. Contact our office to arrange a case consultation. We have provided an overview of the state’s trucking regulations so our clients can have a better understanding of the regulations placed on trucks to help ensure the safety of other vehicles on the road.

DISCLAIMER: The following information is for educational purposes only. It represents neither legal advice, nor possibly the most up-to-date versions of Missouri State Law. For further information, contact Terrell Law Office, LLC or the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Size and Weight Restrictions

Trucking regulations and statutes for the state of Missouri restrict the height, length, width, and weight of trucks and their loads on streets, highways, and roads throughout the state. Any vehicle that exceeds state height, length, or width (oversized) or weight (overweight) regulations is required to obtain a special permit from the chief engineer of the Missouri Department of Transportation. Also, under certain circumstances, oversize vehicles (or those carrying oversized loads) are required to have one or more escort vehicles.

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Oversize Vehicles

If the load being transported is more than 12 feet, 4 inches wide, escort vehicles are required.

  • Farm equipment exemption: Under Missouri state law, the transportation of farm machinery for repairs is exempted from oversize permit requirements pertaining to state highways other than the interstate. This exemption does not apply to overweight loads or non-farm machinery equipment.

Escort Requirements – Vehicle Width

  • 12 feet, 4 inches – 14 feet: On interstates, one escort is required at the front of the oversize vehicle. On multi-lane and divided roadways, the escorts must be at the rear of the vehicle. On all other highways, the vehicle must have front and rear escorts.
  • 14 – 16 feet: On interstates and divided highways, the oversize vehicle must have a rear escort. The vehicle must have front and rear escorts when traveling on multi-lane and undivided highways.

Escort Requirements – Vehicle Length

  • For vehicles or loads that are 90 feet or longer, a rear escort is required on all highways except divided highways

For more information about trucking regulations, contact the Missouri Department of Transportation or our trucking accident attorneys at our Republic, Missouri offices.

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Overweight Vehicles

State law prohibits the gross weight of any vehicle from exceeding 20,000 pounds on any single axle or 34,000 pounds on any tandem axle. Click here to view a chart reflecting Missouri 's trucking weight regulations. The maximum weight permitted is 80,000 pounds.

Maximum Height
▪ 14 feet on interstates, 13½ feet on all other highways
Maximum Width
▪ 8 feet on interstate, 8½ feet on all other highways
Maximum Weight
▪ Single axle - 20,000 lbs.
▪ Tandem axle - 34,000 lbs.
▪ Gross weight - See Missouri Weight Table
Maximum Length
▪ Single Vehicle - 45 feet
▪ Combination of vehicles (non-interstate) - 55 feet
▪ Truck-tractor and semi-trailer (non-interstate) or combinations of vehicles (interstate) - 65 feet
▪ Semi-trailer operated in conjunction with a truck-tractor (interstate) - 53 feet
▪ Semi-trailer or trailer in a truck-tractor, semi-trailer, and trailer combination - 28 feet

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Other Trucking Regulations

Time Restrictions – Only overweight vehicles with permits may move at night. All other large transport vehicles are restricted to movement in the daytime (the period from 30 minutes prior to sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset). Movement is also restricted when visibility is less than 500 feet. Vehicles are also restricted from movement on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Signs – All attached signs must be visible from at least 300 feet. Signs must be placed at front and rear for loads exceeding 10 feet 6 inches in width, on rear loads when a single unit exceeds 50 feet, and when a combination exceeds 90 feet. Signs on oversize vehicles must:

  • be yellow.
  • be a minimum 7 feet long and 18 inches wide.
  • display the words "OVERSIZE LOAD" – the letters must be black, a minimum 10 inches high, and a minimum brushstroke of 15/8 inches.

Escort vehicles must have a sign that:

  • is a minimum 5 feet long, 12 inches high.
  • displays the words “OVERSIZED LOAD” in black letters at least 8 inches high.
  • is placed on the front or top of the vehicle for front escort, or on the back and top of the vehicle for rear escort.

Projecting Loads – Missouri law require the use of red or orange florescent flags at least 18 inches square at the extreme ends of all projections and over-dimension loads.

Convoys – Movement in convoys is forbidden.

Following/Passing – Trucks may not follow another vehicle closer than 300 feet, except when passing.

Speed – On dual-lane Missouri highways, permitted vehicles must not exceed 55 mph. The maximum speed on all other highways is 50 mph.

Other requirements for large trucks and other large vehicles include, but are not limited to:

  • Noise emission standards
  • Registration regulations
  • Safety equipment and procedures
  • Alcohol or controlled substance use restrictions
  • Driver's license requirements
  • Inspection, repair, and maintenance

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Contact Our Trucking Accident Attorneys — Republic, Missouri

Failure to comply with Missouri state trucking regulations can result in fines and potential jail time for the driver and responsible parties within the trucking company. Also, any violation of these laws is weighed during civil lawsuits resulting from a trucking accident. If you are the victim of a trucking accident, contact our Missouri motor vehicle attorneys — serving Republic, Jefferson City, and Missouri clients statewide — and arrange a case consultation. The state laws were created for the safety of all drivers on the road. If a truck driver's negligence, carelessness, or non-compliance caused you or your property harm, you are entitled to financial compensation. Arrange a case evaluation with our trucking accident attorneys today. We represent victims of 18-wheeler accidents, semi-tractor trailer accidents, and jackknifing and rollover accidents.

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If you have been injured in a trucking accident, contact our attorneys — serving Republic and Jefferson City, Missouri — and arrange a case consultation. We are experienced and know the trucking regulations. Contact our Missouri attorneys today.

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